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Guidelines (version 2.2)

B3 Guidelines Tracking Tool


Appendix P-0a Suggested Implementation for All Performance Management Guidelines
Appendix P-0b Guideline Management Supporting Information
Appendix P-3a Integrated Design Process Supporting Information
Appendix P-3b Integrated Design Process Supporting Information Matrix
Appendix P-3c Construction Air Quality Management Plan Template
Appendix P-3d Construction Waste Management Plan Template
Appendix P-3e Corrective Period Air Quality Management Plan Template
Appendix P-4a Design and Construction Commissioning Supporting Information
Appendix P-4b Design and Construction Commissioning Matrix
Appendix P-4c Design and Construction Commissioning Plan Template
Appendix P-5a Operations Commissioning Supporting Information
Appendix P-5b Operations Commissioning Matrix
Appendix P-5c Operations Commissioning Plan Template
Appendix P-6 Life Cycle Cost Supporting Information
Appendix S-7 Irrigation Water Consumption
Appendix S-8 Building Water Calculator
Appendix S-14a Bird-Safe Calculator
Appendix S-14b Bird Monitoring Worksheets
Appendix S-14c Bird-Safe Building Narrative
Appendix E-0 Suggested Implementation for all Energy and Atmosphere Guidelines
Appendix E-1a Compliance and Reporting Instructions (for SB 2030 projects)
Appendix E-1b Building Performance Evaluation Guide (SB 2030 Document)
Appendix E-1c Building Strategy Checklist (SB 2030 Document)
Appendix E-1d Meter Plan Guidelines (SB 2030 Document)
Appendix E-1e Alternate Path Application Process for Adjusted SB 2030 Standard (SB 2030 Document)
Appendix E-1f Small Building Methodology for pre-SB 2030 projects
Appendix E-4 Refrigerant Properties
Appendix I-0 Suggested Implementation for all Indoor Environmental Quality Guidelines
Appendix I-4 Calculating CO2 Concentrations in a Zone
Appendix I-9 Daylighting Factor Calculator
Appendix I-10 View Space Diagrams and Tables for I.10
Appendix M-0 Suggested Implementation for All Material and Waste Guidelines
Appendix M-3a Example Specification for Construction Waste Management
Appendix M-3b Construction Waste Recycling Economics Worksheet
Appendix M-3c Packaging Waste Recycling Economics Worksheet


B3 Guidelines Support Documents

B3 Guidelines Checklist (this may be a useful item for project teams wishing to note their progress through the Tracking Tool) (XLSX)

Guidance for Projects Using Asset Preservation Funding (PDF)

Guidance for Variances (PDF)

Form P-0c-Applicability Form (PDF)

B3-MSBG and LEED Comparison Table (previous releases: B3 Guidelines Version 1.1 and LEED version 2.0) (PDF) (XLS)

Transition to Operations (PDF)