Indoor Environmental Quality Guidelines

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I.2 Specify Low-emitting Materials

Reduce indoor chemical pollution in a building by choosing low-emitting materials and furnishings during construction, operations and maintenance. Since material emissions are a major factor in determining air quality, lower emitting materials will improve the air quality in the space.

Required Performance Criteria

  1. Subject to exceptions 1 and 2 below,all newly installed interior materials and finishes (including but not limited to: flooring adhesives, sealants, and concrete sealers, carpets, resilient flooring, wood flooring, paints, thermal and acoustical insulation products, gypsum board, acoustical ceilings, acoustical wall panels, cabinetry, composite wood subflooring, and furnishings) shall be certified to comply with the most current Indoor Air Quality portion of California Section 01350 standard, or are listed in one of the approved databases below.
    • Exception 1 to requirement: if, in the sum of all the approved databases below, there are less than two supplying companies for a product type that are certified as compliant as of the end of the Design Development phase of the project, that product type does not need to comply.
    • Exception 2 to requirement: Paints containing a minimum of 20% recycled content, which might not comply with this guideline, may be used as a primer in spaces unoccupied for 72 hours after application and covered with final topcoat(s) that meet the requirements of this guideline.
    • Approved databases of materials that are recognized as substantially compliant with the most current Indoor Air Quality portion of California Section 01350 standard:
      • California High Performance Schools (CHPS) Low Emitting Materials in the CHPS Database
      • Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label Plus Certification (for Adhesives)
      • Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label Plus Certification (for Carpet)
      • Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Gold Indoor Advantage Certification
      • Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) FloorScore™ Certification
      • GREENGUARD Product Emission Standard For Children & Schools™
  2. All newly installed modular office furnishings shall comply with the most current version of the State of California’s Modular Office Furniture Specification. .Contract Documents shall state that manufacturers must send a sign letter affirming that the product to be provided have been tested to comply with this standard within a year of delivery to the project.

Compliance Tools and Resources
For Item A above:

  • As of B3 Guidelines Version 2.2, the most current version of the Indoor Air Quality portion of California Section 01350 standard is in a document called: “STANDARD METHOD FOR THE TESTING AND EVALUATION OF VOLATILE ORGANIC CHEMICAL EMISSIONS FROM INDOOR SOURCES USING ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBERS VERSION 1.1” dated February 2010

Links for Approved Databases for item A above as of MSBG Version 2.1

For Item B: Above:

Optionally, for reference for both A and B above:

  • California Department of Public Health: Indoor Air Quality Program

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